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Visitor Profile

  • Glass manufacturers & processors

  • Architects and consultants

  • Automobile Manufacturers

  • Automotive Component Distributors

  • Construction Engineers

  • Glaziers

  • Interior Designers

  • Distributors & Agents of Hollow Glassware

  • Window & Façade Builders  

  • traders, Dealers, agents and Distributors

  • Property Developers, Contractors

  • Process Engineers and managers

  • Households /Furniture Industry

  • Beverage and food manufactures

  • Cosmetic glass, flacons and pharmaceutical glass producers

  • Pharmaceutical and chemical factories

  • Operations, projects, purchasing and technical plant managers

Why to visit?


We've got plenty of reasons for you to visit the show:

  • Meet top Local, International manufacturers and suppliers

  • Stay informed about the latest technological innovations, products and services in the industry.

  • Exchange ground breaking ideas and technologies in a conducive environment

  • Gain insights into current Egypt Market.